Hotels In Lake Toba Side For Your Accomodation

Hotels In Lake Toba Side For Your Accomodation

Hotels In Lake Toba Side For Your Accomodation

Lake toba is one of the favorite tourist destinations in North sumatera. To visit this place you can enter by 2 gates. Both Kualanamu international airport and Silangit international airport. The nearest is Silangit airport just about 1 hours to reach it. And from Kuala namu international airport about 4 – 5 hours by van.

As Medan is the capital city of North sumatera, most of the tourist enter from this gate. Beside more flights traffic also the price are cheaper. So the last day out from Silangit airport. To see this beauty place you can hire a van or tourist coach if you come with a group. Or you can book Medan Lake Toba Tour Package. 

Local travel agent offer many choices of the tour packages start from 1 day tour, 2 days, 3 days and even more such as 6 days 5 nights Medan Lake toba Tour.

Below to see many hotel choices as your refrence for your accomodation

Tanah Karo does have many volcanoes, this is what makes the land fertile and beautiful, its natural beauty is also worthy of being a favorite tourist destination.

One of them is of course Lake Toba . Tekto-volcanic lake with a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Surrounded by mountains, and crystal clear lake water gives a pleasant peaceful atmosphere. And where there are ants there is sugar, where there are many beautiful places in the hotel: p

Taman Simalem Resort

Taman Simalem Resort is at an altitude of 3000m above sea level, although it still takes about 4 hours from the airport, but Taman Simalem Resort is located in a very strategic place to see the beauty of Lake Toba from a height. Taman Simalem Resort is not exactly next to Danu Toba, but the view is not inferior to other hotels around Lake Toba.

In addition Taman Simalem Resort is also built with very complete and luxurious supporting facilities, ranging from golf courses, cafes, waterfalls, outbound arenas, fishing ponds, trekking forests, flower gardens and organic plants, all of which are guaranteed to be complete because so many things to do here.

Hotels In Lake Toba Side For Your Accomodation


Make sure to choose a room facing Lake Toba, and don’t forget to wake up early in the morning, Boboers, because when the sunsire view is really WOW! One more tip before visiting Taman Simalem Resort, make sure it’s not the haze season, because knowing each year Sumatra and Kalimantan are always subscribed to smoke haze 🙁

Taman Simalem Resort rate starts from IDR. 1 400,000, but this price is worth it because of the views presented, as well as the friendly staff and complete facilities. And this price also includes breakfast and dinner / lunch. For tourists who do not stay, they can also enter Taman Simalem

Toledo Inn

Ah, how come all the hotels in Lake Toba are beautiful! If Bocan is drunk because of the price of Taman Simalem, it turns out there are still other beautiful hotels with prices that don’t make a headache: P Toledo In is on Samosir Island and right by Lake Toba, the weather is cool without the need for air conditioning, the view of the lake from the front of the balcony, everything is perfect!

Local rates at Toledo In starting from IDR 400K are very affordable ? Besides that, Toledo In has also given a safe border on the edge of the lake so that Boboers can calmly swim in Lake Toba, it’s fun.

Carolina Hotel

Carolina is located on Samosir Island too, and its location is also right beside the lake. If the location is near the lake, then the best view can be enjoyed by Boboers from this hotel  The shape of the building uses a traditional Batak design with a distinctive roof. The rate at night in Carolina is also very affordable.

Carolina Hotel also provides rental cars, buses, boats. Other facilities available at this hotel include laundry service, restaurant, motorbike rental, canoe and money changer.

Inna Prapat

Inna Prapat is in Prapat, around 1.5km from the Ajibata port, the port that serves crossing to Samosir island. Inna Prapat is also located on the shores of Lake Toba, from this hotel Boboers can enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.

The nightly rate at Inna Prapat starts from IDR 690 000/ Room /Night, the hotel also provides meeting rooms for office gatherings. Inna Prapat has a good name as one of the hotels around Lake Toba with satisfying service. The hotel also has boat rental, fishing, spa and karaoke facilities,

Danau Toba International Cottage

Lake Toba International Cottage doesn’t just have a beautiful view of Lake Toba, but it also has a charming infinity pool lake! If Boboers are afraid to swim in the lake, maybe they feel the sensation of swimming while enjoying the beauty of Lake Toba, it might feel like it’s rich in swimming directly in the lake.

Tiara Bunga Hotel

The hotel is located in a separate area through the waters of Balige City. To get to this hotel, Boboers need to cross from the dock located in front of the Ompu Herti Hotel. Hotel Tiara Bunga has many supporting facilities to provide comfort for Boboers, such as swimming pools, children’s playgrounds, docks, relaxing places, and cafes.

Rate per night at Tiara Bunga Hotel starting from IDR 600,000. The hotel also has a beautiful infinity pool facing directly to Lake Toba, especially the scenic backdrop of Bukit Barisan, which adds to the panoramic beauty of Lake Toba.

Patra Jasa Parapat

Patra Jasa Prapat Lake Resort is located on a hill overlooking Lake Toba. The atmosphere is calm … peaceful, peaceful, perfect for Boboers who seek tranquility: p In addition to its stunning natural panorama, Patra Jasa also provides a swimming pool complete with slides overlooking Lake Toba, soccer fields, children’s playgrounds and restaurants with beautiful views.

If you have longger time on you holidays, can visit other side of Lake toba, it is Bukit Lawang which is great to do Trekking and tubing in white river and rain forest.

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