Monument To The Revolutionary Heroes Of Balige, Tobasa

Monument To The Revolutionary Heroes Of Balige, Tobasa

Monument To The Revolutionary Heroes Of Balige, Tobasa
A few steps from the Revolutionary Heroes Monument, we arrived at Pasar Balige . Balige traditional market is very easy to recognize because the six market buildings are patterned and decorated with traditional Batak gorga paintings. The six buildings are known as Belerong, so even though they are also known as Onan Balerong (in Batak Language, Onan is the Market).

The traditional Balige market, also known as Onan Balerong, is an icon of Balige
Onan Balerong is one of the old market buildings in Balige. This market was founded by the Netherlands in 1936 and still looks solid standing up to now.

This market building is filled with intricate and classy carvings, the building also looks magnificent and does not give a careless impression. Uniquely the carvings in each building are not the same because each carving building is different. This Balige traditional market is the main icon of Balige, as well as a means of interaction and the center of economic activity among residents in Balige and its surroundings.

Monument To The Revolutionary Heroes Of Balige, Tobasa

That morning, because we arrived too early, there were still many shops that hadn’t opened yet. In this market, in the morning, only the wet market area is crowded, most of the souvenir shops are open above 10:00 AM .

But because this morning our goal is to eat gomak noodles, we immediately rushed to find Mie Gomak Ma’renni stall in Pasar Balige. The location is right in the middle of the market, the border between the souvenir shop area and the wet market.

During do Sumatra tour package all of us were very happy. We also eat gomak noodle stall sells two types of gomak noodles, namely gomak kuah noodles and fried gomak noodles. At that time my friend and I sampled both and both ENJOYED !! Even more fantastic, the price is only IDR 5,000 per serving !! When compared to Jakarta, the price of one serving of gomak noodles is the same as the price of Sweet Ice Tea, hahaha.

The famous Ma’Renni Gomak Noodle in Pasar Balige. It’s really really good, especially for those who like spicy, it’s really good.
Ma’renni has two types of gomak noodles, namely gomak kuah noodles (left) and fried gomak noodles (right). For those who don’t really like spicy, just try gomak goreng noodles. What are the gomak noodles, Ri? Mie Gomak is a food known as a regional specialty of the Toba Batak land. Regarding the origin of the designation for this menu various versions.

Some say, maybe because of the way they are made (hand held) until now it is called gomak noodles, although in the end they do not hold it by hand when serving it. There is also a mention of Batak spaghetti because it is similar to spaghetti from Italy. The boiled noodles are usually made separate from the sauce and the sauce.

After eating gomak noodles, we decided to go back to the hotel first to take a shower and will return to Pasar Balige again to buy souvenirs when the souvenir shop is open. On the way to the hotel, along the street many coffee shops and crowded by fathers who are coffee ( coffee morning ) mingle with friends with high intonation and batak language.

Because I was tempted to taste coffee at the stalls, I also invited my friend to stop by for a while and take a coffee. It’s a shame it feels already standing on one of the famous land for coffee but not tasting it.

Coffee on the roadside in Balige. The way to drink coffee is also like in the old times, sucked from a plate that became a cup container

After finishing the coffee, we immediately cleaned the hotel and packing . Around 10:00 AM we exit again to Pasar Balige, this time the route we choose is through the back door of the hotel along a small road along the outskirts of Lake Toba. The journey that was taken was indeed further, to 850 meters with a travel time of 11 minutes on foot, but the cool streets were quiet, not crowded vehicles passing by and the scenery of Lake Toba.

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