See What Intresting In Balige Lake Toba North Sumatra

See What Intresting In Balige Lake Toba North Sumatra


Upon arrival at Silangit Airport, we were immediately picked up by drivers and rental cars. Silangit Airport is located not so far from Balige. Please note, Balige is a sub-district and also the capital of Toba Samosir Regency, North Sumatra. Toba Samosir Regency is very often heard as Tobasa (Toba Samosir).

Because we have not had breakfast (because of the early flight from Medan), our main destination is certainly a place to eat. Initially we planned to have breakfast at Timbo Café or Tio Café and have lunch at Vivi Café. But seeing the condition of the hour which is quite bear between breakfast and lunch, we finally decided to brunch at Vivi Café .

The place is really cozy, the interior is full of bamboo and the view is directly to Lake Toba. From this restaurant we can see the passing of ferry boats. For friends at this café, their main menu is Mujahir Panggang Fish and don’t forget black bitter coffee. The portion in the café is quite large, so you can “eat middle” or share .

From the beginning of entering Vivi Cafe, all the ornaments are very catching , wood, rattan and bamboo are all like this.

The last tip of the cafe is really exciting, because it is directly Lake Toba and we can see ships passing across the lake

After a full stomach, we continue the trip to the TB Silalahi Center Museum . The location is not so far from Vivi Café, it only takes ± 10 minutes. Its location in Balige and a little away from the crowds makes this museum not very crowded. Understandably, the location is not in the middle of the Balige crowd, because this location was once the Aeroz Factory. In fact, in my opinion this museum is pretty good too!

TB Museum. Silalahi is managed by a non-profit foundation that was established by Lt. Gen. (ret.) Dr. Tiopan Bernhard Silalahi in 2007. The foundation was established with the aim of preserving Batak culture and forming the character of the Batak community.

This museum is named the TB Silalahi Center Museum which contains steps and history of TB. Silalahi to motivate the young generation to continue to achieve their goals by seeing the TB experience. Silalahi starts from childhood as a buffalo boy until he becomes a General.

As soon as we entered the TB Silalahi Center, Lake toba tour package we were immediately greeted by a number of statues telling us that Lt. Gen. TB Silalahi, who was a buffalo shepherd boy, could successfully achieve his dream to become TNI Lieutenant General.

In the area of the yard there is a statue of TB Silalahi that stands proudly and is carved from him
To enter the TB Silalahi Center, you only need to pay Rp 10,000 per person, this includes the entire area, from the TB Silalahi private collection museum, the museum collection of preserved TB Silalahi relatives, to the variety of traditional Toba Batak houses.

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